Surprisingly good:)

Darkness Reigns (The Kinsman Chronicles): Part 1 - Jill Williamson

I had never read this author before.I thought the character creation was great.This alone had my interest and the funny thing is with the title I thought there would be sex and violence.There was none of that,at one point a person is found in the castle dead.But they don't know why they were killed.

 But I thought the world creation was good,this world was tormented by earthquakes and lava flow from eruptions.In the kings eyes this could only mean the gods are angry and need sacrifices.But he has two sons of age and he is ill.So things might turn for the better.

Now then let's not forget about the dead person in the castle and who did it,why?



I would recommend:)


I'll be starting the next in the series when I find it. 


— feeling big smile


I thought this was pretty cool,from where I was I didn't see it solid red.But I didn't get up at 6:00am either.:)

Blue moon!

Happy Super Blue,Blood Moon this evening.Well,for one portion of world anyway.I don't know how it works to be honest.:)

Did not appreciate it,and therefore DNF

AMONG WOLVES: Book 1 in the Children Of The Mountain series - R.A. Hakok

This book had what I thought a good premise.People living in a bunker after the apocalypse,then slowly coming out into the world.Getting supplies and whatnot where they can find them.Sadly,I was wrong.I got less than a quarter way and if I went any further I would just be forcing myself.It could not hold my interest and this is my first DNF.


Karma: Karma Series, Book #1 - Donna Augustine

I really enjoyed this book,it was fun.Girl dies in a trainwreck some guy walks over to the dead body and offers her a job as "Karma".

So we get to watch her go to job after job.Dealing karma as she sees fit.And she tries to figure out who caused her death.

So it's got a mystery to it.

I will continue this series.



Man from Mundania - Piers Anthony

This was just a fun read.Starting with a college boy living in Mundania (the non-magical world).He desperately wants a girlfriend,and being a computer nerd he gets an upgrade for his computer.And the computer starts communicating with him and this leads to him getting a couple girlfriends and one being Princess Ivy from Xanth. 

He falls for Ivy and the adventure begins.They travel from City College to southern Florida and she tries to make him believe in magic.Now Grey (human college boy) is stubborn and no matter what Ivy does he won't believe in magic,there's always some kind of reason whatever happens happened.

And there's no shortage of puns,which made me happy.:)

But to be fair Piers Anthony has written better books.

Game 17

So the Cowboys won their last game of the season against the Eagles.It really wasn't a good game even though the Cowboys won.


Final Score

Cowboys 6

Eagles 0


Oh well, there's always next season. :(

Frontier Justice (The Survivalist # 1)

Frontier Justice - Arthur T. Bradley

A virus has been let loose and most of the country has been devastated.The people who made it out unscathed have to scavenge food and supplies from the dead.But there's more, ....water,gas,and electricity all gone and people have to go back to bare basics.

Amidst this turmoil some convicts had been let out of prison.This was a humanitarian thing

issued by the president in order to save lives.But doing this let some reprehensible people among the populace.The MC is a sheriff and he works at trying to protect the people from the convicts.


I liked this book,I thought it was written well.But hey,post-apocalyptic is one of my favorite genres. 

Game 16

Cowboys vs the Seahawks, I'm disappointed in the Cowboys right now.In this game they didn't even score a touchdown.If it wasn't for the Cowboys field goal kicker,they would have no points.The Cowboys were just outplayed but the Seahawks played well.



Cowboys 12

Seahawks 21



Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all!

The booklikers community is made up of so many peoples so I want to include all in a Happy Holidays!

Game 14 & 15

Dec. 10,game 14 Cowboys vs the Giants.

Final score

Cowboys 30

Giants 10


Dec.17,game 15 Cowboys vs the Raiders

Final score

Cowboys 20

Raiders 17


My laptop was down for a while so I couldn't  get these results out on time and there's no write up on each game.Sorry about that:(

Game 13

Lucky 13! :)

The Cowboys played the Redskins and won!

It was a good game,alright the Cowboys played well and that hadn't  happened in a few weeks.



Cowboys 38

Redskins 14


Alexander Hamilton - Ron Chernow

I got this book for my wife because she loves the music from the musical.Yeah,she didn't want to read the book so much.

So I read this book and for me,because I like history,I really liked this book.We start with his birth and life in the Caribbean.Then he is in the colonies and The Revolutionary War,and for me this is where he first shines.When the army is running low on supplies he is the person that has to see that they receive food and supplies.


That's very simplistic and just one of the many things that happens during the war.

Hamilton is a lawyer and becomes a politician,creating the Coast Guard,and a banking system.

He had gotten married in this time and had at least five children maybe seven.


The historical/war/family part of the book really held my interest.And then there was the political side ... and that part was just sort of boring.

Game 10,11,and 12

Okay I'm gonna' try to update these 3 games in one post.I was away from the laptop for a few days and BL wasn't cooperating anyway.But today I noticed I had an e-mail from BL.


So in game 10 the Cowboys played the Falcons....and lost.

I can't remember the details of the game.


Final Score

Cowboys 7

Falcons  27



In game 11 the Cowboys played the Eagles.....and lost.The game started out strong for the Cowboys,then by second half the Eagles came on strong.


Final Score

Cowboys 9

Eagles  37


Thanksgiving Day! The Cowboys played the Chargers.....and lost.At no point did the Cowboys have a substantial lead.The Chargers came to play...and they did.


Final Score

Cowboys 6

Chargers 28




Okay, I'm 54 yrs old today.But I'm still the youngest of the family.

My kids'll come over this evening and with them my wife and 1 brother-in-law that lives nearby then we'll celebrate.:)


Since 50 we've tried to keep it small.

"Game 9"

The Chiefs played the Cowboys and it made for a good game.

Ending with final score


Cowboys 28

Chiefs     17

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