White Jenna

White Jenna - Jane Yolen

I liked this book, it was a worthy read.You had Jenna continuing her mission from the first book.We meet a handful of new characters, which is always interesting.It was good enough I'll read the next book.

Oathtaker 3

Ephemeral and Fleeting - Patricia Reding

It was good,I liked the characters.And the predicament they seem to get into.

 But the world building is limited.

The Heir War

The Heir War - Jill Williamson

I liked this book,it's the second in the series.I did like the character creation,the book was told through several viewpoints.Possible heirs to the throne.but by the end all the storylines tied together.


However it was laid out I did find it entertaining.

White Hart pt.2

As a continuation of the White Hart series this was a good read.I thoroughly enjoyed it and the struggle Mae has with the protagonist is really interesting.It's mostly mind games but it's an entertaining read.

Theft of Swords

Theft of Swords (Riyria Revelations) - Michael J. Sullivan

I liked this book,it was entertaining to read.The two main characters are best of friends but they were thieves.And this probably did add to the joy I had reading it.They would take any job for pay.

I've read several books about heroes,but these guys were straight up thieves.But who knows by the end of the series they may be heroes.

Divisional Playoff

The Dallas Cowboys played the L.A.Rams.The Cowboys lost to the Rams,you'll hear alot of the Cowboy fans say "we need a new coach" or "we need a new QB".despite the fact that this QB helped get them into the playoffs.Granted,it's been awhile since Jason Garrett (coach) has been to the playoffs.But the QB (Dak Prescott) has had better luck in a shorter time period.

Fact of the matter is the Rams played better.

Two teams play a game,1 wins ,1 loses. It wasn't a blowout,there really shouldn't be excuses,a team can't win every game.


Cowboys 22

L.A.Rams 30

Post-game Wild Card

The Cowboys beat the Seahawks and it was good game.Next week they will play LARams.

Yeah,the games are more important now.


Cowboys 24

Seahawks 22

Game 16

The Cowboys beat the Buccaneers after that terrible loss last week to the Colts.

That makes the NFC East locked up and the last game of the season is with the New York Giants.


Cowboys 27

Buccaneers 20

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a great christmas for those of you who are going out for New Year,have fun but do be safe:)


Skyward - Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson has done it again,he has done a great job with character creation and had the landscape a distant planet.

When kids reach a certain age they're allowed to join the space force and possibly help defend the planet.

The heroine of the story is the daughter of a coward of a previous battle so she is going to have a hard time advancing in her class.

This book is for teens but it made for an enjoyable read.:)

Game #15

Okay,Sunday the Cowboys played the Colts.This was a most embarrassing game,the Colts beat the Cowboys...bad.It pained me to watch this game.The Cowboys did not get a was sad.


Cowboys 0

Colts        23


I can handle a loss,it's expected but a blowout,embarrassing :(


Game #14

The Cowboys played the Eagles yesterday and it made for a good game.The Cowboys did win but it was in times,and very tense.


Cowboys 29

Eagles     23

Game #13

I know I'm late but I'm so excited,:) The Cowboys beat the Saints-I was on the edge of my seat for this game.I honestly didn't know if the Cowboys could do it,the Saints haven't lost a game in the past 7 games they played,they've been playing so good.



Saints     -10

Game #12

Short and sweet,the Cowboys beat the Redskins!!! :)


Cowboys 31

Redskins 23


This made Thanksgiving that much better.:)

Forgotten Land:Journeys Among the Ghosts of East Prussia

Forgotten Land: Journeys Among the Ghosts of East Prussia - Max Egremont

This book had so much information it.East Prussia went through so much shit in their history.They were invaded by Germany,Russia,Poland,I think Latvia or Lithuania or both.So I think it's safe to say this area of Europe is Slavic.

 The book was really good and informative,I actually read it because I learned my family heritage traces back to East Prussia.


Family will be together,we'll visit,watch football it will be nice.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!:)

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