game #10

The Cowboys played the Eagles,it was a good game.There was always a point when either team could win.


Eagles 20

Cowboys 27


game #9

Last week the Cowboys played the Titans.And I know I shouldn't be saying this but the Titans are good we can't deny that.

And we lost to them.


Titans 28

Cowboys 14


game #7 & bye week

Sorry I didn't post this until 2 weeks later.

Game 7 was with the Washington Redskins,and I so badly wanted to be able to come on here and say the Cowboys won. But that didn't happen,there was a 3 pt difference so I guess that's a positive way of looking at it.But the Cowboys lost to the Redskins.


Redskins 20

Cowboys 17


And the following week is the Bye week.


Evenlight - Krista Walsh

Good book for the ending of a trilogy.It ties up all questions and there is even the introduction of a new character.But,all in all it was an enjoyable read.

Game #6

Sunday was a good game day for me.It wasn't a really close game but the Cowboys won!


Jacksonville Jaguars 7

Dallas Cowboys        40


Eventide - Krista Walsh

Krista Walsh writes some really good characters.The author of book series meets with the characters from the books.Except this time the evil warlock is in Montreal,Canada.And that's just the beginning of the book.They'll end up going into his book series he created.

Game #5

This was a good game between the Cowboys and Texans.It was really close most of the game and that made it fun to watch.I was 1 of 5 Cowboy fans and there was probably 10 or 12 Texan fans in the room.But the game had to go into OverTime before the Texans won by 3 pts.


Texans 19

Cowboys 16

Bastard...not always a bad thing.

Assassin's Apprentice  - Robin Hobb

Yeah,I liked this book and I thought the character development was great This was something that peeked my interest right away.And then there was the landscape development.between coastal areas and then mountains.It was all very nicely done and kept me interested throughout.It was just a good book.:)

Game #4

Detroit Lions played the Dallas Cowboys. I can say the offense is definitely improving and that's good given the last few weeks.That being said the Lions defense was on top of their game ,the Cowboys fought for points they got.When it got right down to it the game was won by a field goal. Detroit Lions 24 Dallas Cowboys 26

Game #3

The Cowboys played the Seahawks,it was a good game but the Cowboys lost.


Seahawks 24

Cowboys  13

Karma,Fate,Death,Cupid and more...

karma boxed set - Donna Augustine

Enjoyable series,maybe because of the sarcasm used throughout.

A young woman dies and before her soul goes to where ever it goes someone with a clipboard tells her that with signature she can stay on earth under a different name.(Karma).She signs a little to quickly and doesn't hear the fine details until later.

She works at a place called The Agency and as Karma she can see when some people do something that is out of line and she sees that they end up paying for it.

  Now the people she works with is an interesting bunch,Fate,Lady Luck,Murphy(Murphy'sLaw),Kitty(in charge of the black cats),Crow(keeps the ravens),Death,Cupid and more.If you were ever told it doesn't exist or there is no real explanation for it,it probably works at The Agency.

  There is a love interest,more like a love/hate interest.Enough so I would say for Mature Audiences.

Game #2

This was a good game and playing the New York Giants,I wasn't sure how it would end.

But the Cowboys obviously improved and practiced harder since the last game.I did see how their offense line seemed to be playing better ball and it was the o-line I was really worried about.

I just hope in the future they play as hard as they did Sunday night.



Giants 13

Cowboys 20


 Taco Charlton had a sack and a fumble recovery Sunday night. (Ron Jenkins | AP Photo)

Game #1

I found this to be a tense game,the Cowboys just cut Dan Bailey-field goal kicker(2nd in the NFL) so I was mentally daring this new guy to miss.This guy who has never kicked a field-goal in the NFL.And he did,he missed ,it wouldn't have won the game but it would've made his first time on the field better.


Panthers 16

Cowboys 8

Pre Season game # 4

It was the last game of the pre-season.

I was hoping for a win,but alas at least it was the last of the pre-season.


Texans 14

Cowboys 6

Pre Season game # 3

I can only keep saying a pre-season game so many times.And hope this is not a foreshadowing of regular season games.


Cardinals 27

Cowboys 3

Pre Season game # 2

Another loss,the Bengals looked good.There were just times I felt we (the Cowboys) really needed to improve their defense.


Bengals 21

Cowboys 13


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