Dog Question...need some help.

My dog has quit eating,okay she's only missed four meals but she's really acting 

lethargic.And if she keeps refusing to eat, shortly it will be five meals.




She normally eats dry and canned dog food mixed together.

Right now she's not having it. If anyone has any options that might help

I would appreciate the help. 

Game 2

Just watched the game and the Broncos really played well.I mean I was thinking,the Cowboys vs. the Broncos,this will be a good game. 


Yeah,I was wrong,the Broncos came out to play.It kind of got embarrassing for a bit,

the final being


Broncos  42

Cowboys  17



I liked the game I just wished it were closer and ( let's face I would've liked the Cowboys to win) :)

Game 1

To be honest I didn't know how this game would turn out.NY Giants have been pretty formidable,and last year the Cowboys lost to them twice.But last night they didn't play their best,and the Cowboys played well.And it was a plus that Beckham (star receiver) didn't play last night.Leaving us with a final of 


Cowboys  19

Giants      3 

Steak dinner!

So this post isn't related to books.

Sept. 3 was our 29th anniversary and our son made a steak dinner with mashed potatoes and salad.He made the steak just like I like it medium rare.

He had just loaned his grill to my brother-in-law,so he cooked the steak in the oven.I hadn't seen steak done like this before,but damn,it was good.(I should add my son is 23)

So as we ate dinner we re-watched the last episode of the latest season of Game Of Thrones.

It made for a nice evening:) 

pre-season game 3

Okay,the game was played on Aug. 26 and I didn't get to see it but I saw the score.

    Raiders 20 Cowboys 24


The Cowboys were supposed to play the Houston Texans tonight.They were going to play in Reliant Stadium in Dallas.But as of yesterday it was decided to send the Texans back to Houston and help with the clean-up,several of the players have family in Houston.


I probably went on too much,sorry about that.

Heard from Yodamom!

She says "Thank you. Yes we are okay for now. Our street is under 4' of water so we are trapped but our house is still dry. I'm just SE of Houston on Galveston Bay. I've never wished for it to stop raining before but I am now we have 46" here in the last 3 days so far"


Where is Yodamom? And is she okay?

Ready for hurricane


We plan for the worse,and hope for the best!

Hurricane Harvey

I live south of Houston,TX about 15 miles from the water.

Our car had half a tank last night so we decided to fill up,we had to go by 4 gas stations before we found one with gas.And today some places are selling water 18.00 for 24 pack.

Pre-season game 2

This was a much game from my standpoint.The Cowboys looked a lot better on both sides of the ball.And it's always a plus when they win. :)So the final score was 

 Dallas Cowboys 24

 Indianapolis Colts 19

Pre-season game 1

Cowboys   10


L.A.Rams   13



I wasn't able to see the game so I can't say much about it.I did hear the scores yesterday.

And found out the Cowboys lost,but as far as how well either team played I didn't see.

Hall of Fame game

Alright so last night was the HOF game,which is basically a pre-pre-season game.

So there were a lot of rookies on the field from both teams.

In the first half at one point the Arizona Cardinals was leading by 15 points.

But it ended with the Dallas Cowboys 20 

                                 Arizona Cardinals 18


To be honest , the Cardinals played well and the Cowboys defense did not look good.



My wife thought  she would make our dog pretty today,so she put a lei on her.

The Usurper - Rowena Cory Daniells

The book picks up right where the other book left off.Piro(the daughter) is in disguise and a slave to the ones' that killed her parents and took her kingdom.

Fyn(brother) just wants to help his older brother.But he's not in the same part of the kingdom.

Byren(older brother) never wanted to be king but now finds himself in a position where he must lead a rag-tag resistance against the people that overthrew his government.


I think Rowena Cory Daniels has good writing style,the characters are great you got likable and dislikable,and then a few that fall in the gray area.

And the world building I thought was fantastic.


I only give it 3.5 stars because through a large portion of it I thought it was slow,but that could totally be on me.

I am going on to the 4th and last in the series. 

Yesterday's Gone :Season Two

Yesterday's Gone: Season Two - David  W. Wright, Sean Platt

Good book,it starts a few months after the first book ends.The group from Alabama finds a new home,sort of. The man from New York is still looking for his wife and son.And Boricio from Louisiana is still wreaking havoc where ever he goes.And by the end my mouth falls open because of a surprise. Ienjoyed this book.


So I watched the Superbowl last night,right off the bat you know the Cowboys didn't make it,that would have been my dream.So I was pulling for the Falcons.The Falcons had the first half sewn up.And after the half I was pulling for the Patriots to just make a good game.Don't get me wrong,make the game interesting but not win.


But since things turned out the way they did

 congratulations Patriots fans. :) 


Patriots 34, Falcons 28

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