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Game 8

The Cowboys beat the Redskins,the 1st half it looked dreary for the Cowboys,it really did.

But they came out in the 2nd half and started setting things right.It took a bit but they got it together and made some points.

They beat the Redskins and that makes me happy :)



Cowboys 33

Redskins 19

Game 6 & 7

Game 6 was the Cowboys bye week.

Game 7 was with the 49ers (San Francisco) it was a good game and makes me feel like the Cowboys are getting back on track.



Cowboys 40

49ers       10

" I miss mom."

  My wife had a girls weekend with some of her friends.Tallulah took to her chair Friday night.

Game 5

I was watching the game and the Cowboys were beating the Packers:) Temporarily,then in the 3rd quarter there was a short time of only a few points difference.First the Cowboys in the lead,then the Packers.Aaron Rodgers (QB,Packers)has always been really good when behind in the last minutes , today it showed.


Packers 35

Cowboys 31


Next week is a bye week for the Cowboys, maybe the rest/practice is what they need to get back in the groove.

Game 4

I just realized I didn't  post the scores for game 4.

The L.A. Rams outplayed the Cowboys.

Final being


Rams 35

Cowboys 30

King Breaker

King Breaker (The Chronicles of King Rolen's Kin) - Rowena Cory Daniells


The worldbuilding was really impressive,from a country that was very fanciful and pretty to a country that was almost medieval.


One thing I did like was the fact that we spent a lot of time on the seas.There was even some sea battles.


Probably one of the better of the four books.You basically have three MCs and a lot of time was spent on each.And there are probably two or three minor characters,and every one of these people are fleshed out well.This is done in previous books and they kind of scattered to different areas.This book ties everyone together and brings it to a good ending.


Game 3

Okay, so the Cowboys did come off with a rebound.

The first half wasn't too exciting for the Cowboys,but the Cardinals missed a field goal at the end of the first half and the Cowboys turned the game in their direction.

Final score being 

                             Cowboys 28

                             Cardinals 17 

Dog Question...need some help.

My dog has quit eating,okay she's only missed four meals but she's really acting 

lethargic.And if she keeps refusing to eat, shortly it will be five meals.




She normally eats dry and canned dog food mixed together.

Right now she's not having it. If anyone has any options that might help

I would appreciate the help. 

Game 2

Just watched the game and the Broncos really played well.I mean I was thinking,the Cowboys vs. the Broncos,this will be a good game. 


Yeah,I was wrong,the Broncos came out to play.It kind of got embarrassing for a bit,

the final being


Broncos  42

Cowboys  17



I liked the game I just wished it were closer and ( let's face I would've liked the Cowboys to win) :)

Game 1

To be honest I didn't know how this game would turn out.NY Giants have been pretty formidable,and last year the Cowboys lost to them twice.But last night they didn't play their best,and the Cowboys played well.And it was a plus that Beckham (star receiver) didn't play last night.Leaving us with a final of 


Cowboys  19

Giants      3 

Steak dinner!

So this post isn't related to books.

Sept. 3 was our 29th anniversary and our son made a steak dinner with mashed potatoes and salad.He made the steak just like I like it medium rare.

He had just loaned his grill to my brother-in-law,so he cooked the steak in the oven.I hadn't seen steak done like this before,but damn,it was good.(I should add my son is 23)

So as we ate dinner we re-watched the last episode of the latest season of Game Of Thrones.

It made for a nice evening:) 

pre-season game 3

Okay,the game was played on Aug. 26 and I didn't get to see it but I saw the score.

    Raiders 20 Cowboys 24


The Cowboys were supposed to play the Houston Texans tonight.They were going to play in Reliant Stadium in Dallas.But as of yesterday it was decided to send the Texans back to Houston and help with the clean-up,several of the players have family in Houston.


I probably went on too much,sorry about that.

Heard from Yodamom!

She says "Thank you. Yes we are okay for now. Our street is under 4' of water so we are trapped but our house is still dry. I'm just SE of Houston on Galveston Bay. I've never wished for it to stop raining before but I am now we have 46" here in the last 3 days so far"


Where is Yodamom? And is she okay?

Ready for hurricane


We plan for the worse,and hope for the best!

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