The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom - Bernard Cornwell

Good book and well written.

You have an English boy captured by the Danes and pretty much raised by the Danes.At one point his Dane father is killed by some enemy Danes.This drives him to an English kingdom at which point he decides to be English and someday have revenge for his Danish father's death.


The battle scenes alone are fantastic!

Game 12

— feeling smile

Hope everybody had a happy Thanksgiving.....I know I did!




Happy Thanksgiving!

Getting ready for a weekend of in-laws. :)

I look forward to this every year,I got lucky I like my family and we sit outside and watch football all weekend.


Night - Marion Wiesel, Elie Wiesel

This book was good,completely deserves 5-star rating.

There were times when I stopped reading and just thought "Why?" There is no good explanation.



The people that are mentioned in this book endured so much.And the author of this book is one of them.

Game 11

The Cowboys had never beat the Ravens before,it's only been 6 games but I was impressed to hear that. :)



Game 10


This was a good game.It made me go from "yea" to "oh no" to  yelling at the T.V. "it's supposed to be my birthday!".(it really was my birthday,so that wasn't a lie :) )


But after all the torment.With just seconds left.




— feeling smile



Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.

                            Mark Twain

Nothing to do about books,just awareness:)



November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month!

"Game 8"

Week 7 was a bye week.

Then the Cowboys met up with the Philadelphia Eagles in week 8.This was a good game,for a minute I thought the Cowboys weren't gonna make it.But the 4th quarter got pretty tense and they went into overtime.Cowboys winning 


                                   EAGLES 23 COWBOYS 29


Game 6

Yesterday I watched the Cowboys play the Green Bay Packers.For me the previous games were good(not to mention the Giants who beat us 1st game of the season),but the Packers would determine if Cowboys had what it takes.



                                    W  COWBOYS 30 PACKERS 16
I am so very happy! :)

Game 5

Yesterday the Cowboys played a fearsome game with the Bengals.

At one point I was afraid the Bengals were going to come back.


Final score 


Game 4

Yesterday was a good game,the 49er's came out strong.It was 14-0 49er's up until the end of 1st half.But at halftime by the time both teams left the field,the Cowboys had brought it up to 14-14.The final score 


                                          COWBOYS 24 49ERS 17


Evensong (Meratis Trilogy #1) - Krista Walsh

I liked this book,it was more than guy walks into a fantasy realm.

An author of a book goes to sleep and he is magically transformed into the book.

His book is a fantasy with dragons,magic-users,heroes and mystical creatures abound.

But here's the thing,all he can do is write not fight.And when he wakes up he is surrounded by people with swords on their hips.They refer to him as the creator because if he hadn't written some books they wouldn't exist so to speak.


He is truly a fish out of water,he can't do anything the others can.It's even hard for him to ride a horse.Something everyone else in this world are accustom to.


While he is trying to adapt,he also can't shake the feeling that this isn't really happening,it's all a dream.


But that's why I like the book,he doesn't appear and is a great horseman and knows how to handle a sword in a fight to the death.

  He is only a writer from the 20th century who happens to be there.


Game 3

Last night it was the Cowboys against the Chicago Bears.



Game 2

I feel much better this week.The Cowboys got a win over the Redskins.I could only listen over the radio but it was nice. :) 




The Last Star

The Last Star (The 5th Wave) - Rick Yancey

I finished this over the weekend.The series as a whole was alright,but this last book couldn't keep my interest at times.Without spoilers you basically got the same group of characters.My favorite being Ringer (for badassery) not sure if that's a word but very descriptive.My least favorite Cassie,she's so damn whiny.


Some people will really enjoy this book,it just didn't do it for me.

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