Yesterday's Gone: Season Three - David  W. Wright, Sean Platt

If this were a TV show it would begin with "for Mature Audiences Only".

That being said I enjoyed this book,parts of it take place on this earth and other parts jump to an alternate earth with same characters.That can be a little confusing at first but once you get to know the characters it's easier to distinguish between the two.

 Now what the book is about is aliens that take over the human body kind of like Invasion of The Body Snatchers except that after a while they break out of the human skin.The book refers to this as The Darkness,or something evil.

This is always pretty graphic and the monsters that come out are not pretty.

 But the character development alone is what keeps me in this series.








Pre Season game # 1

Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49'ers.

As excited as I am to see a new season of football even if it is pre season.The Cowboys lost to the 49'ers,it was within the last 20 seconds the 49'ers made a touchdown winning them the game.


 Cowboys 21

 SF 49'ers 24


Dunk and Egg

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: Being the Adventures of Ser Duncan the Tall, and His Squire, Egg - George R.R. Martin

Was not as bloody and did not have as much nudity as the "A Song of Ice and Fire"series.

It was a book of a growing friendship between a knight and his squire.

I really enjoyed this book probably because of the bond these two shared.

Wild Cards

Wild Cards  - George R.R. Martin

After hearing several people talk about this series in a positive way,I read the first one.

A space virus is exploded in the air above Manhattan in the 40's and is quickly spread overseas.The virus quickly kills thousands,mutates an unknown number more.And sometimes it's terrible  mutation and a very few got a mutation/powers.

This made it a read better than I was expecting,I'll continue the series.

Sister Light,Sister Dark

Sister Light, Sister Dark - Jane Yolen

I've never read a book by Jane Yolen before.

But this was a welcome surprise,the author does a great job with worldbuilding.And when it comes to character building she does very good.This book held my interest throughout.

The Third Book of Swords

The Third Book of Swords  - Fred Saberhagen

I enjoyed this book.There was a lot going on throughout the book.It has gotten to the point that a few important figures have a few of the important swords.

One would think the Gods were all-powerful,but in this case that is simply not true in this case.The Gods were fallible,that being said everyone,understandably,will not be a fan.  

Geas of the Black Axe

Geas of the Black Axe  - D.P. Prior

I really liked this book partly because I like the dwarfs.The dwarf is the hero or anti-hero as it was.There were several other side characters but my favorite was an assassin.

 The dwarf has already been shunned by dwarvenkind and his only real friend is the assassin.

It's a heist!

The Second Book of Swords - Fred Saberhagen

The whole book is gearing up for a heist.In the beginning a small band is roughly going towards the cave which is the bank vault of a big church.As they get closer to the cave they are picking up more people that will be useful.All and all it was a good adventure.Fixing to start the next book.

Door To Fey Realm?

Feyland: The Dark Realm - Anthea Sharp

The book deals with a VR game taking its players into the land of Fey.At the same time it brings the fantasy world of the land of Fey closer to the mortal realm.

Jennet (MC) plays the game,faces the Dark Queen and loses.The Dark Queen is the final boss and Jennet didn't just lose the game,she lost part of her soul.

Now she needs to replay the game with a champion at her side,her hope is to regain her lost piece of soul.


The catch is it is October,the more days that go by,the stronger the Fey get.Apparently the veil between our worlds is at its thinnest at All Hallows Eve.

Prince of the Blood - Raymond E. Feist

Thoroughly enjoyed this book.It was the fantasy w/o the mystical dragons,but there was magic.And to my surprise there was a mystery involving a death.  

Although it's really a coming of age story of two brothers it is mainly focused on.

They are the sons of the Prince of Krondor!

Surprisingly good:)

Darkness Reigns (The Kinsman Chronicles): Part 1 - Jill Williamson

I had never read this author before.I thought the character creation was great.This alone had my interest and the funny thing is with the title I thought there would be sex and violence.There was none of that,at one point a person is found in the castle dead.But they don't know why they were killed.

 But I thought the world creation was good,this world was tormented by earthquakes and lava flow from eruptions.In the kings eyes this could only mean the gods are angry and need sacrifices.But he has two sons of age and he is ill.So things might turn for the better.

Now then let's not forget about the dead person in the castle and who did it,why?



I would recommend:)


I'll be starting the next in the series when I find it. 


— feeling big smile


I thought this was pretty cool,from where I was I didn't see it solid red.But I didn't get up at 6:00am either.:)

Blue moon!

Happy Super Blue,Blood Moon this evening.Well,for one portion of world anyway.I don't know how it works to be honest.:)

Did not appreciate it,and therefore DNF

AMONG WOLVES: Book 1 in the Children Of The Mountain series - R.A. Hakok

This book had what I thought a good premise.People living in a bunker after the apocalypse,then slowly coming out into the world.Getting supplies and whatnot where they can find them.Sadly,I was wrong.I got less than a quarter way and if I went any further I would just be forcing myself.It could not hold my interest and this is my first DNF.


Karma: Karma Series, Book #1 - Donna Augustine

I really enjoyed this book,it was fun.Girl dies in a trainwreck some guy walks over to the dead body and offers her a job as "Karma".

So we get to watch her go to job after job.Dealing karma as she sees fit.And she tries to figure out who caused her death.

So it's got a mystery to it.

I will continue this series.



Man from Mundania - Piers Anthony

This was just a fun read.Starting with a college boy living in Mundania (the non-magical world).He desperately wants a girlfriend,and being a computer nerd he gets an upgrade for his computer.And the computer starts communicating with him and this leads to him getting a couple girlfriends and one being Princess Ivy from Xanth. 

He falls for Ivy and the adventure begins.They travel from City College to southern Florida and she tries to make him believe in magic.Now Grey (human college boy) is stubborn and no matter what Ivy does he won't believe in magic,there's always some kind of reason whatever happens happened.

And there's no shortage of puns,which made me happy.:)

But to be fair Piers Anthony has written better books.

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