Firefight - Brandon Sanderson

I give this 5-star based on the previous book "Steelheart" which David wanted to be a Reckoner and was very driven that "Steelheart" was killed.

This is a new story with our Reckoners going to a different locale,New York City(git-a-rope).No, now it's called Babilar and they meet up with another Reckoner faction,all is well and good.
Then we meet the Epics,and there seems to be more than just 1 to hold your focus.But that's okay this is NYC right? 
So without any spoilers I just think it fair to say there is sort of a power struggle.
New locale,new characters,new Epics...what could possibly go wrong?
I thought it was a great book,much fun,no sex,and the fight scenes were handled well. :)