Fafhrd and The Gray Mouser continue.

Swords in the Mist - Fritz Leiber

This book,3rd in the 7 book series about Fafhrd and The Gray Mouser.I really liked this book,but I also have a big liking for the 2 main characters.They will do anything for each other,they stand together and fight anyone.One is a hulking barbarian from the north and the other smaller yet light on his feet thief.They depend on the skills the other has and he does not.
And that is just the surface.
This is by far a sword and sorcery,every few pages there's some kind of fight and when there's not in short order they will come across magic.Not magic-type but sorcery evil-doers.
And yes some people may think magic and sorcery are the same but I like to think sorcery is greater and has a evil connotation.