The Tamuli...why didn't he stop with The Elenium?

The Tamuli Omnibus - David Eddings

I finished The Tamuli, it was a slow read,at one point I had to set the book aside.I think it is fair to say it is not as good as its predecessor The Elenium.

I'll try to break it down,Sparhawk and his party are called to another country to help with their problems. This would mean everybody from the previous series,at first I thought this might good.
Then nothing  new or surprising really happened,a couple of new races are introduced but by and far we've seen it all before.
When they get to their destination  a whole lot of politics that take place.
The best book is probably the 3rd book in The Tamuli, someone gets kidnapped and the party has to work at trying get this person back,more action in the last book.
All in all 2.5