Sylvan Beach

Old Sylvan Beach and the Pavilions (Images of America (Arcadia Publishing)) - Ann Uloth Malone, Dan Becker

I just finished this one last night,a little background,when I went fishing a lot of the times I used the boatramp at Sylvan Beach Park.
I had no idea Sylvan Beach and La Porte had so much character and history.
The book is small,less than 300 pages but chock full of old photos.If you took all the photos out,there might be 100 reading pages.And
don't get me wrong the things I learned on those few pages were amazing.An astronaut lived in La Porte, famous people visited Sylvan Beach.
The park and town survived major hurricanes and fire only to rebuild what was destroyed.
Yes it kept my attention,I liked this book.
 But I may be biased,as I said I fished this area and knew some of the old-timers.