Where'd The People Go?

Yesterday's Gone: Episode 1 - David  W. Wright, Sean Platt

One of those books I didn't know I'd like so much.I mean I'd read the blurb and thought this sounds interesting.But within the first 10 pages it pretty much had me.

Basically it deals with the U.S.,it doesn't mention any other countries.One evening all the humans disappear.With the exception of a scattered few,NY,MO.,LA.,FL.,CA..With only a smattering of people in each state.And the type of people really varies,from a psycho killer to a man just looking for his wife and son.And all these people are subconsciously going to the same area.

I wouldn't say this is YA apocalyptic because of the graphic violence.There are creatures that have to be killed,or do the killing and it can be messy sometimes.

I would definitely recommend it.