The Uncrowned King

The Uncrowned King - Rowena Cory Daniells

I enjoyed this book,what with the now family of three spread out.

Youngest brother Fyn lives in a abbey,older brother Byren is in the wild.And teenage sister Piro is living in the castle.

Byren knows of an encroaching enemy so he is between the castle and the abbey because he knows the elder monks are skilled warriors.This would be good defense for the castle if he can get them back in time.

What he doesn't know is the enemy is making an attack on the abbey as well.


Now we have Fyn at the abbey,does he survive the impending attack?

Piro at the castle,an eventual attack and will she make it?

And Byren in the wild caught between the two places.

And the kicker is neither sibling knows if the other is okay.