Evensong (Meratis Trilogy #1) - Krista Walsh

I liked this book,it was more than guy walks into a fantasy realm.

An author of a book goes to sleep and he is magically transformed into the book.

His book is a fantasy with dragons,magic-users,heroes and mystical creatures abound.

But here's the thing,all he can do is write not fight.And when he wakes up he is surrounded by people with swords on their hips.They refer to him as the creator because if he hadn't written some books they wouldn't exist so to speak.


He is truly a fish out of water,he can't do anything the others can.It's even hard for him to ride a horse.Something everyone else in this world are accustom to.


While he is trying to adapt,he also can't shake the feeling that this isn't really happening,it's all a dream.


But that's why I like the book,he doesn't appear and is a great horseman and knows how to handle a sword in a fight to the death.

  He is only a writer from the 20th century who happens to be there.