The Usurper - Rowena Cory Daniells

The book picks up right where the other book left off.Piro(the daughter) is in disguise and a slave to the ones' that killed her parents and took her kingdom.

Fyn(brother) just wants to help his older brother.But he's not in the same part of the kingdom.

Byren(older brother) never wanted to be king but now finds himself in a position where he must lead a rag-tag resistance against the people that overthrew his government.


I think Rowena Cory Daniels has good writing style,the characters are great you got likable and dislikable,and then a few that fall in the gray area.

And the world building I thought was fantastic.


I only give it 3.5 stars because through a large portion of it I thought it was slow,but that could totally be on me.

I am going on to the 4th and last in the series.