Game 10,11,and 12

Okay I'm gonna' try to update these 3 games in one post.I was away from the laptop for a few days and BL wasn't cooperating anyway.But today I noticed I had an e-mail from BL.


So in game 10 the Cowboys played the Falcons....and lost.

I can't remember the details of the game.


Final Score

Cowboys 7

Falcons  27



In game 11 the Cowboys played the Eagles.....and lost.The game started out strong for the Cowboys,then by second half the Eagles came on strong.


Final Score

Cowboys 9

Eagles  37


Thanksgiving Day! The Cowboys played the Chargers.....and lost.At no point did the Cowboys have a substantial lead.The Chargers came to play...and they did.


Final Score

Cowboys 6

Chargers 28