Alexander Hamilton - Ron Chernow

I got this book for my wife because she loves the music from the musical.Yeah,she didn't want to read the book so much.

So I read this book and for me,because I like history,I really liked this book.We start with his birth and life in the Caribbean.Then he is in the colonies and The Revolutionary War,and for me this is where he first shines.When the army is running low on supplies he is the person that has to see that they receive food and supplies.


That's very simplistic and just one of the many things that happens during the war.

Hamilton is a lawyer and becomes a politician,creating the Coast Guard,and a banking system.

He had gotten married in this time and had at least five children maybe seven.


The historical/war/family part of the book really held my interest.And then there was the political side ... and that part was just sort of boring.