Surprisingly good:)

Darkness Reigns (The Kinsman Chronicles): Part 1 - Jill Williamson

I had never read this author before.I thought the character creation was great.This alone had my interest and the funny thing is with the title I thought there would be sex and violence.There was none of that,at one point a person is found in the castle dead.But they don't know why they were killed.

 But I thought the world creation was good,this world was tormented by earthquakes and lava flow from eruptions.In the kings eyes this could only mean the gods are angry and need sacrifices.But he has two sons of age and he is ill.So things might turn for the better.

Now then let's not forget about the dead person in the castle and who did it,why?



I would recommend:)


I'll be starting the next in the series when I find it.