Karma,Fate,Death,Cupid and more...

karma boxed set - Donna Augustine

Enjoyable series,maybe because of the sarcasm used throughout.

A young woman dies and before her soul goes to where ever it goes someone with a clipboard tells her that with signature she can stay on earth under a different name.(Karma).She signs a little to quickly and doesn't hear the fine details until later.

She works at a place called The Agency and as Karma she can see when some people do something that is out of line and she sees that they end up paying for it.

  Now the people she works with is an interesting bunch,Fate,Lady Luck,Murphy(Murphy'sLaw),Kitty(in charge of the black cats),Crow(keeps the ravens),Death,Cupid and more.If you were ever told it doesn't exist or there is no real explanation for it,it probably works at The Agency.

  There is a love interest,more like a love/hate interest.Enough so I would say for Mature Audiences.