Sparhawk,the knight with attitude

The Elenium: The Diamond Throne, The Ruby Knight & The Sapphire Rose - David Eddings

I finished this series today,I liked it.
The Elenium is unlike the previous series I've read by David Eddings.

We have Church Knights and Church soldiers and they don't really like each other,it's a political thing.
Sparhawk(a Church Knight) our hero has been banned from Cimmura,it's been ten years and he comes back.
And we find out he is also the Queen's Champion.

Now the Queen has taken ill and when Sparhawk finds this out the quest begins for as a Queen's Champion
it is up to him to help her.

This will be the main quest but along this quest there are several smaller quests.

The characters I really liked and I liked this world building,the style of magic was different and 
the book was dealing with knights.

I only gave it four stars because I felt the second book started off slow.